HOW TO HOST A FALL BRUNCH with Our Cozy Little Home Hosting gatherings can be stressful and often times overwhelming. However, with the right plan it doesn’t have to be. I’m here to help you throw a fall brunch for friends or family that will give your guests all the cozy fall feels. When I plan any gathering, the first thing I do is choose a color scheme which gives way to everything I put on the table. For this particular gathering I chose a more natural color palette using brown tones, whites, and green hues. Once you have a color scheme in mind it’s now time to start choosing your table linens. For this table, I wanted something dark and rich in color. I chose a linen cream and brown buffalo plaid table cloth and napkins because I knew it would bring my color palette together having both colors represented. Next, it is time to choose your dinnerware. I used our cream dinnerware set, layered with brown buffalo check napkins. Small maple leaf plates were stacked in the corners of the table in case guests wanted to have a quick bite and mingle. I added amber drinking glasses for guests to sip on apple cider, the sweet crisp drink of autumn. In any gathering, you want your guests to feel welcome and so by adding place holders to the seats you can help your guests feel as though they have a place in your home. I used brown paper tags and simply rested the tags on each napkin. At each place setting you can add a gift for your guests. This is a simple gesture thanking them for coming to your home and celebrating with you. I chose white gourds and tied a piece of brown velvet ribbon to the stem to soften the look. And now for my favorite part, the centerpiece. This is the part of the table your guests will talk about when they leave your home so it should be nothing short of extraordinary, For this table, I chose to set down cornstalks to layer in some green as a contrast to the brown and cream color palette. By placing a smaller cornstalk in an old apple basket, I added height and another natural element to the table. Pumpkins in fall are always a must so these faux white pumpkins from Antique Farmhouse were what tied the cream dinnerware in to the center of the table. Candles for a table setting add another cozy level for your guests. I used cream taper candles placed in a variety of antique brass candle holders that have collected from thrift shops over the years. When thinking about food for your guests, think about the feel you want for your gathering. Do you want it to be mostly a sit down meal? Do you want guests to have the choice to sit and eat or mingle around your home? For me, I like a mix of both. And so I chose foods for this fall gathering that were not only comfort foods that gave all the fall feels but also allowed for guests to have the choice to sit or stand. I wanted to select foods and a drink that would match my color scheme which adds an elegant touch to your table by making it pleasing to the eye: cinnamon buns, pecan coffee cake, apple cider donuts, and apple cider. How do you choose what to serve your foods on? I usually try to have a mix of serving ware in my cabinets that is neutral and can be used any time of year: wooden risers, cake stands, ironstone platters.  For this brunch, I used a wooden cake stand, a leaf platter, and even turned an antique sifter upside down to serve as a serving tray for the cinnamon buns. Look around your home and think about what you can use to create depth and height in your table settings. When creating a gathering space for your friends and family, always remember to have fun and think outside of the box in your design. When choosing your theme for your next gathering, I hope these tips help you to create a space that will leave your guests wanting to come back to your cozy home time and time again.