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Design ideas
A Week of Wreaths: Day 3 – The Ornamented Wreath
The metallic sheens of holiday ornaments make for an instantly elegant wreath.
Written by Malena Jaime
Photography by Brett Gum    
Styled by Jacqueline deMontravel and Amanda Heer

Silver and gold balls are bound with gold ribbon and bows, adding a touch of glamour to a formal holiday gathering.

To Re-create:

  • Collect silver and gold ornaments (or any ornaments you wish to re-purpose) in various sizes and textures.
  • Use a hot glue gun to secure ornaments to a wreath base. -Intersperse bunches of folded ribbon and bows between the ornaments and secure with pins or glue.
  • Once everything is secure, gently sling gold rope around the entire wreath and secure in a knot behind the wreath.
  • Add flourishes of gold picks or string for extra flair.
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