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Create the Ultimate Cozy Bedroom
Nothing is more soothing than a cozy bedroom escape. Create your own little corner of coziness by incorporating natural elements, calm colors and plush fabrics. Use these tips as your guide turn your home's bedroom into your personal hiding place.
Written by Sarah Jane O'Keefe
Photography by Brett Gum

Natural Elements

A touch of nature can go a long way when designing your bedroom paradise. While a full-scale forest is too far, bud vases for greenery bring color and a laid back feel to bedside tables. Decorative elements, like the dream catcher above the bed in the image above, also bring in a touch of the outdoors. Display driftwood, pinecones, river rocks or other found natural pieces for a personalized natural element.

An all white bedroom can be just as comfy as one with color. Pile on the throw pillows and blankets and make the bed the main focus of the room. After all, you want your bed to be the coziest part. Photo by StillsbyJill

Calm Colors

Give your mind a rest after a long day with a soothing color pallet. Here, light linens and decor allow for natural light to fill the room and help usher in a sense of calm. Even a mix of patterns is muted by calm colors, giving interest while still evoking a soothing atmosphere. Neutrals prevent an object from overwhelming the space yet again with the otherwise bold pattern of a chevron rug. By keeping everything from the artwork to the throw blanket in the same neutral shades, this cottage bedroom is well styled and welcoming.

Make coastal cozy be adding depth to your bedroom. Using plush curtains and a light fixture brings the room in a little more to put more focus on the bed and less on the size of the room. Photo by Bret Gum

Plush Fabrics

A down comforter practically begs for a cozy nap, while soft pillows echo calls of comforting rest. Avoid pillows and fabrics that offer a pleasing aesthetic but deny a soft feel. Here, even the window draperies follow suit and encourage a casual and relaxing environment. Keep a pallet complementing and nap-friendly throw blanket at the foot of your bed for a touch of laid-back style and afternoon snooze comfort.

Incorporate these helpful hints in your bedroom for a cozy escape that will keep you well rested and relaxed all through the year.


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