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Achieve Perfection with Pink
Ah, spring. With winter finally back in hibernation and warmer climates on the way, it's time to refresh the look of your home. Incorporate pink to welcome the season. Learn how to color accordingly with the following tips.
Written by Natalie Echeverria
Styled by Jacqueline deMontravel

Think pink. As we watch the beginnings of life peer out from under frozen ground and we greet resting critters once again, it’s no wonder we want to be reminded of the beauty of life and new beginnings. Pink signifies health, which in turn signifies life–much like spring itself. Adorn every nook and cranny (or as much as you see fit) with varying shades of pink, whether it’s in a comforter, pillow, rug, wall, and so on.

Start small and use pink in your kids’ rooms! It is easy to experiment with bedspreads, pillows, and even paint color. Photo by Bret Gum

Less is more. You’ll want to use pink in your home as much as you can, but don’t overdo it. When applied too generously, pink can be overwhelming. Try to use patterns that contain pink rather than just the color itself. However, that doesn’t mean you should avoid solids altogether. Solid pinks are fine as long as they are offset by pink patterns or long stretches of other colors.

Dark pink hues make for a perfect teen room. Mix and match different shades of pink and make a statement with some wall art. Photo by J. Dem

Go sheer. Pink is all over the place. It can be striking or it can be hushed. But despite the route you take, it’s always best to stay sheer, especially if you want your space to have a springlike quality. Sheer, lightweight materials will either complement muted tones or soften bold ones to avoid a harsh color combination.

Photo by Bret Gum
Have some fun with boho chic. Picking one shade of pink for the walls allows you to get creative with patterns and colors in the rest of the room.

Color accordingly. Just like your fabrics, the rest of your color scheme should stay light. A surrounding light color palette won’t overpower your choice in boldness and will harmonize pale pinks.

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