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DIY Craft: Fabulous Fringe
When you’re looking to make a big impact for an outdoor party, this simple eye-catching craft feels more like permanent art.
Written by Jickie Torres & Sarah Jane O'Keefe
Photography by Bret Gum
Styled by Styled by Jickie Torres & Sarah Jane O'Keefe

What You’ll Need:

  • Long hefty rope or twine
  • Yarns in your color palette of choice
  • Scissors

How to do it:

1. Determine the length of your wall-hanging based on the area you are creating it for and cut your rope or twine to that length plus an additional 4 feet—you’ll want 2 feet of rope on either side for hanging allowance and to give your fringe some breathing room.

2. Decide the how long you’d like your fringe to hang down. Our fringe is about 4 feet long. Make your yarn into 4 or 5 long loops that are twice that length.

3. Starting at one end, string them to the rope by folding the yarn in half to form a u-shaped loop. Begin to wrap this around, over the top of the rope while pulling the ends of the yarn up around the bottom of the rope. Pull the yarn ends through the loop tautly. See diagram A.

4. Repeat with your other yarn colors until the fringe is as wide as you need.

5. Clean up the bottom of the hanging by trimming the yarn ends. Use a slight zigzag pattern for a lighter and more modern look.

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