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Quilt Revival: Update Your Home with Quilts
These patchwork are back in a whole new way! Update your bedroom, living room, or even outdoor spaces with these fresh new takes on decorating with quilts!
Written and photographed by Jickie Torres

There are many reasons to love quilts. As heirlooms, these hand-worked linens are like textural storytellers — each color and scrap representing an element or emotion. As a collectible, quilts are prized for their intricacy, patina and inimitable handmade richness. Now quilts can be part of your refreshed updated décor when used in these new and exciting ways.

Go bold with color – For a fun modern approach, pair a colorful quilt with a similarly hued patterned wallpaper. The key to a successful mix is contrasting the scale of the pattern; mix a small blocked quilt with a large scale wall print or vice versa.


Treat your quilt like a work of art – Because it is an example of fine craftsmanship, you can integrate your heirloom quilt into modern decor by turning it into a display piece. Frame lap and baby quilts in a series on the wall or hang a full quilt on a vintage rack or chair for a stylish vignette.

quilt into modern decor

Add global flair –  Modern quilts come in a range of exciting and unconventional patterns and motifs. Choose a style with simple geometric lines and pared down use of shapes. Or, like with this abstract Indian-inspired Holi quilt by Rajaboori Fine Silk, opt for a quilt that blends global material such as sari silk and metallic damask with a free-form abstract shapes. Visit

Repurpose them! – Upcycle them in whole or in parts to create a few new things. Try making cushions, table runners or even use one to upholster a whole chair.

cheatly wall

Hang a Quilt Outdoors – When you take your summer entertaining outdoors, hang a quilt up for instant festive decor. It’s a great way to stylishly cover a large blank wall or unsightly area.

summer entertaining outdoors

Instant Upholstery – Use a quilt as an instant cushion. No sewing needed! Simply fold your quilt and make a stiff antique chair instantly more inviting. By mixing patterns or adding a splash of color to a plain club chair, you also have a great way to change the look of your seating.

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