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8 Must-Read Tips for a Grand European Garden
Here are must-read tips to help turn your garden from backyard bland to European grand!
Written by Lauren Vikander & Jickie Torres
Photography by Mark Tanner

1. Hedging

Use hedges to create structure and a geometric design. Not only to they add layers of depth to your garden, they can be used to create borders for distinct zones.

2. Grids

Create a formal rose garden and using hedges or brick paths to create a grid. This imparts the formal old-world feel of an English estate and can act as your garden’s centerpiece.

3. Straight Lines

Use linear design wherever you can from trimmed hedges in perfect borders, to stone pavers in a structured pattern.

4. Water Features

Fountains are a traditional component of European gardens and not only give you an opportunity to add an artful element, the sound of the water is soothing and serene.

5. Sculpture

Choose a few sculptural elements such as statues, orbs, and arbors which are a great way to add height to a planting area, draw visitors to areas of your garden and when they become wonderfully weathered, they add a sense of history to your landscape.

6. Seating

Incorporate several seating areas. This can be as simple as a stone bench in the corner or a pair of chairs tucked into a recess for a cozy inviting feel.

7. Maintain Balance

To reinforce the tidy orderly look of formal gardens, be sure to use the same type of planter for each potted plant, repeat plant shapes and color evenly through the landscape and frame walkways, posts and entryways with matching finials and decorative accents.

8. Add a few surprises!

With the limited plantings and heavy structure, it’s nice to tuck something unexpected into the garden from secret sitting areas to unique lamps and lighting.

accent sculpture
Add in an accent, like this sculpture, for visual interest. The contrast of lush greenery against the stone and iron is a great nod to traditional style.


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