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How to Hone Your Green Thumb
Max Isles, a self-professed tree hugger, is always looking for ways to minimize waste and increase the quality of life. His garden is shaped by his eco-friendly criteria: Everything is organic and innovative. Here are some of his quick and easy ways to make a garden greener.
Written by Olivia Bounvongxay
Photography by Mark Tanner
Styled by Jacqueline deMontravel

Minimizing your lawn is the first step to a healthier garden. Lawns don’t support local wildlife as they soak up an enormous amount of water and are often covered in pesticides. Instead, choose plants that provide shade or food.

Plant edible plants alongside native plants. You’ll have an attractive organic garden to enjoy and eat from—nothing is fresher than that. Moreover, you will be able to enjoy sitting in the garden enjoying your homegrown lunch surrounded by hummingbirds and butterflies that attracted by the drought-tolerant native plants.

Having a gray water system is an easy way to not waste water that is still useful. It recycles the water from domestic activities such as laundry and bathing, using it for landscape irrigation. This cuts our water demand by about 50 percent. I love efficiency and technology, so making a small change that has a massive effect is wonderful.

Every home should compost and have a little worm farm. This turns our fruit and vegetable scraps into a fabulous resource rather than being hauled away to landfill waste.


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