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How To Keep Your Cottage Cooler This Summer: Self-Install Air Conditioner
How To Keep Your Cottage Cooler This Summer… and warmer this winter. You know that one pesky room or space in your house that just won’t stay cool in the summer no matter what you do? Maybe it’s your craft room on the third floor, a lofted guest room, an office space on the side... Keep Scrolling

How To Keep Your Cottage Cooler This Summer… and warmer this winter.

You know that one pesky room or space in your house that just won’t stay cool in the summer no matter what you do? Maybe it’s your craft room on the third floor, a lofted guest room, an office space on the side of the house that gets the most sun, or an enclosed home addition. There’s nothing more jarring than walking from a room cooled to your perfection into a room that greets you with hot, stuffy air. Or in the summer, walking from a toasty warm house and into an icy room in the winter.

Even houses with the best central heating and cooling systems sometimes have this problem. If your house has a “hot room” or a “cold room” you’ve probably tried lots of remedies. First, you might’ve had your air filters and ducts cleaned. Then, maybe you adjusted your vents. Finally, you purchased standalone or window units. If none of those worked, you’re not alone. You may be at your wit’s end, especially if you’ve seen your cooling and heating bills rise thanks to inefficient units. But now that temperatures are only getting higher, it’s time to fix your “hot room” once and for all. That’s where MRCOOL comes in.

A Sleek, Efficient Self-Install Air Conditioner


air conditioner on wall next to woman in blue dress hanging pictures

MRCOOL Mini-split air conditioner unit

MRCOOL is an innovative heating and air-conditioning company that creates state-of-the-art DIY-friendly solutions. Their self-install air conditioners have a sleek, minimal design that blends seamlessly with your décor. Regardless of the way you’ve styled your home—beach, mountain, rustic, or a mixture—MRCOOL’s self-install ac units fit easily into the look you’ve curated. While your family members, guests, or renters will barely notice a MRCOOL unit is in the room, they will sure feel its cooling effects. In fact, 80 percent of participants in a small MRCOOL study reported that they experienced a “drastic increase in comfort over their window units.”

In other words, MRCOOL is making it easy for owners of quaint cottages and cozy bungalows to get and keep their homes comfortable without spending a lot of money. No longer will you need to fuss with units that detract from your French windows, annoying machine sounds that disrupt your parties, parts that break down regularly, and just plain spotty air flow. MRCOOL 3rd Generation Enhanced DIY or DIY Multizone self-install units only make your cottage style and charming décor easier for others to appreciate. You’ll actually want to use your “hot room” or “cold room” again.

3 Steps to a Cooler Cottage This Summer

You put so much effort into making your home comfortable, cozy, and welcoming. When you’re hosting your next brunch or settling into your beach cottage for the summer, the last thing you want to worry about is your air conditioner. MRCOOL understands you deeply. MRCOOL air conditioners fit just as seamlessly into your lifestyle as they do with your cottage décor.

  • Do-it-yourself installation process. Perfect for lovers of DIY and all types of projects, MRCOOL air conditioners can be installed with ease by following just a few steps. No specialized training or equipment required.
  • Easy monitoring and temperature adjustment. Wherever you are—at home, outside your home, or away from home—you can adjust your MRCOOL unit temperature with the MRCOOL SmartHVAC app. Or just tell your unit what you want it to do with MRCOOL’s Alexa- and Google Assistant-compatible technology.
  • No-fuss automatic restart. Gain peace of mind no matter what happens—a power outage, extended time away from home—MRCOOL air conditioners restart automatically if needed.

Enjoy Sustainable Savings


Product image of MRCOOL self-install air conditioner

MRCOOL Mini-Split Air Handler

After years of spending money on clunky window units, air vent cleanings, and more, it’s time for you to enjoy some savings on your cooling and heating budget. MRCOOL technology is designed to help you save money long-term.

  • Self-installation. No one knows better than you that going the DIY route saves money on expensive contractors. MRCOOL units, such as 3rd Generation Enhanced DIY, are easy to install on your own.
  • 24-Hour Comfort. With MRCOOL’s Sleep Mode, you save money from your bed. The smart technology knows when to cut back on the air flow and when you ramp it up for maximum comfort.
  • Leakage Detection. MRCOOL helps you avoid expensive repairs to your unit’s compressor by alerting you when the coolant level is low.

To sum up, we at Cottages & Bungalows have put our stamp of approval on MRCOOL DIY self-install air conditioners for cottage style enthusiasts. We even chose the company as a sponsor for our Project House in Louisiana. If that’s not a sign to seriously consider a MRCOOL unit in your cottage, we don’t know what is.

Visit MrCool for even more information and product selections.

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