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C&B Project House
Restoration Journal No. 6: Know when to say NO!
Christine has come to terms with major decisions to keep everything within budget.
Written by Christine Bridger

January 14, 2017

We are still in the dreaming phase where we are picking out finished and details to get a better idea of more accurate costs. We created a list of must-haves from our mood boards, then jotted down an even longer list of nice-to-haves. One of our must-haves was to insulate the main living room and expose the rafters (costly but it had to be done to achieve both a functional and aesthetic need). We were also adamant about having a three seasons room over just a screen porch. We included using reclaimed oak flooring throughout, a potbelly stove, big picture windows, refinishing old doors vs. buying new ones and reusing any old wood from the home on walls/shelves. We also tried to cut out some costs like using less expensive windows, reusing old light fixtures or making our own, keep to a smaller footprint and decided to not do the barn as part of this renovation. Oh! and a big thing we had to cut out was not putting in a basement. I already feel like this was a huge mistake but at some point, you have to stop, say NO, walk away and just tell yourself life will be OK without it. But will it really?

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