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C&B Project House
Restoration Journal – Luxury Lights vs. Lanterns
Inside, the cottage is a connected home full of the latest high-tech gadgets.
Written by Christine Bridger
Photography by Christine Bridger (Instagram)

February 11, 2017

This week the framing is complete and we are moving to roughing in the electrical and plumbing. I politely stepped aside from this portion and let Gabe take over. He gets super serious about the details, and I don’t want to put the switches in the wrong place like I have in the past. Turning on lights is both a constant reminder of my mistake and a complaint from my man. Anyways 🙂 … Gabe started with the approved drawings and detailed out each type of light from wall-mounted to ceiling hung to canned lights. We sat down to discuss which needed dimmers and where we wanted to install USB ports (I am usually trying to suggest we can get by with lanterns, while Gabe is trying to install luxury lighting in our crawl space.)

The big thing we decided upfront is that we would design this farmhouse as a connected home, meaning that we would use brands that make it easy to manage our home from a single device. For all of our lighting we used Philips, and a few of our rooms even have the HUE system which lets us pick from millions of colors to set the right mood. I hope there is a lighting setting for seasonal depression! For all of our sound we used Sonos, which lets us control all of our music from one amazing app. Gabe is freaking out about their new Playbar — a home theater sound bar with streaming music speaker in one. We’ve started playing around with it at home and have become obsessed. Since we are both design snobs, having a good user experience/interface is important to us. We will also be installing an EcoBee system to manage our heat/AC that is Homekit enabled. As you can imagine, this is every guy’s dream…


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