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6 Tips to Sophisticated Cottage Charm
Mixing old and new creates an undeniably sophisticated style in any room. By pairing modern staples with antique accents, your home can become a stylish and charming space. Follow these tips to bring sophistication to your home.  
Written by Sarah Jane O'Keefe

1. Strong staples

A modern couch becomes a showcase for your style while providing comfortable seating. Its timeless style is easily transitional, making future room updates simple.

Comfortable Couch
Nothing is more disappointing than sitting on an uncomfortable couch that looked so cozy. Spend some time picking out your couch and don’t forget to pile on the throw pillows. Photo by Bret Gum

2. Tempting textures

Opt for a textured rug to add interest. Contrast it with cozy pillows of cotton, velvet, silk or sued.

If you’ve furnished most of your room with contemporary pieces, spice it up with an antique coffee table or trunk. This will make your room much more unique and give it a little bit of vintage flair. Photo by Bret Gum

3. Antique accents

Coffee tables are the perfect opportunity to bring a beautiful antique into your room. Functional and stylish yet again, this brings life to the room and is a charming partner to your modern couch.

If you’re not one to experiment with paint colors, hang up some wall art. If you start to fancy a new style, changing your art is much easier than repainting a wall. Photo by Bret Gum

4. Seasonal centerpieces

Respond to the season with centerpieces that give a subtle salute to the season. Here, a large clamshell is on display. Rotate with pallet-friendly candles, simple greenery or antique glass to keep the same feel year-round.

A centerpiece can easily be the focus of a room. Whether it’s a small Christmas tree during the holidays or a large sunflower bouquet in the spring, your centerpiece should say something about the seasons. When you change your house with the weather, you guests will notice your thoughtful décor. Photography by Jaime Itagaki

5. Calming colors

Neutrals make this room calm and classy, as well as give it a cool atmosphere. Keep your colors simple to create this sophisticated style in your home.

Cozy Cottage Rug
When decorating with colors and patterns, it is easy to overlook the importance of texture. If you’re going for a more comfortable vibe, try laying out a soft rug. If you want a classic farmhouse look, try a burlap rug. Photo by Bret Gum

6. Featured focal point

Here, a stunning portrait demands your attention without overpowering the space. The simplicity of the color palette and other décor allow for this piece to truly stand out as the centerpiece. Give your favorite painting the same star treatment.

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