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Design ideas
DIY Spider-Web Art
Put a little spooky in your fall style.
Written by Jickie Torres
Photography by Mark Mendez
Styling by Jickie Torres and Gayle Ray


• Empty frames
• Black yarn
• Glue gun and hot glue


1. Cut three to five lengths of yarn to stretch all the way across the frame, and glue them in place, forming an asterisk or starburst shape. Vary the center point of the asterisk for different frames (setting some off center) to change up the look for each frame.

2. Starting at the center, tie one end of yarn where the arms of the asterisk meet. Then begin to swirl the yarn in one direction, looping it around each arm of the asterisk to begin to connect them together.

3. Continue all the way around in concentric circles, gluing the joints together if needed until you reach the outer edge of the frame and it creates a classic spider- web shape.

A HAUNTING HELLO. Cut bat shapes from black cardstock; then fold them in the center for a more three- dimensional look. Affix a flock of them to the wall, arranging them in a swooping flight pattern.