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The Windsor Chair
Get your hands on this centuries-old piece that's perfect for the holidays.
Written by Madison Nauta

The Windsor chair was born in England, brought over to the United States in the 1730s and popularized by America’s founding fathers. The chair comes in many different forms. It has been reinvented today with modern interpretations, but its staple feature is a curved back and evenly spaced spindles. Its shape makes the chair strong and durable, while giving it a light and open appeal.

You probably grew up with one of these chairs at your kitchen table, so nostalgia is part of its appeal today. Modern designers like Tom Dixon have found them irresistible to reimagine. Whether you opt for a classic version of take one with a bit of a twist, the cottage charm of Windsor chairs endures.

1. If you’re going for a boho vibe or just looking for some funky seating, this Tom Dixon design puts a modern twist on this classic chair. Tom Dixon fan chair in natural finish, $2,200. (887)404-6763 or

2. Throw colorful pillows on this chair and give this throwback look some contemporary flair. Windsor arm chair, $495, (717) 355-2177 or

3. If you’re a fan of Midcentury Modern or a lover of simple seating, this Windsor chair is the way to go. Put them around your dining table or use it as an accent in your living room corner. Modern Windsor dining chair, $299.99. (866) 790-6501 or

4. Get that laid-back feel with this armless Windsor chair. Keep this simple look classic and clean. Lara modern classic-black oak simple dining chair, $696. (800) 448-1632 or

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