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C&B Project House
Restoration Journal No. 2: Haunted Farmhouse
Before renovations, the Bridger's 5-year-old nicknamed it “our new scary house."
Written by Christine Bridger

December 13, 2016

Now there is one thing you should know: We’d be freaking out a whole lot more during this stressful time if we didn’t have a secret weapon and family therapist – also known as our Western Michigan contractor, Jon Faris. Since we know he can pull anything off and has helped counsel us through past projects along the way, we can relax a little more during this renovation process.

This week we gave the bank the magic number of needing a $230k loan to put towards a 1,500-square foot addition. We also have decided to keep the original 400-square foot home and use it as the main living area. Most people would look at this home and immediately call a bull dozing company, but we felt some strange connection to it. This simple salt box-style home will live on and become the heart of the home. Plus, who in the world could destroy 18-inch original board hidden behind drywall? Not us! Instead, we have visions of tearing down the second floor and exposing the rafters in this cathedral ceiling beauty.

Jenson, our 5-year-old, referred to this home as “our new scary house.” Hope we are not traumatizing our children with this restoration!

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