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5 Tips to Turn Your Bathroom Into a Relaxing Retreat
A bathroom is just a bathroom unless you doll it up with all the luxuries of a day spa. With a little ambiance, cozy textiles and cheerful accents, you can turn your bathroom into a haven of relaxation. Discover five tips to get this look:
Written by Malena Jaime
Photography by Bret Gum  

1. Set the stage for serenity.

This bathroom exudes the clean, calm feeling of a wellness center. Part of this look is the opalescent, ceiling-to-floor mosaic tiles in soothing shades of white and gray. Recreate this look with similar tiles. If you’re on a budget, stick to white paint with borders of tile backsplash around the tub.

2. Warm up the space with clever lighting.

A single hanging light fixture in translucent materials gives off light without being too overbearing. Add plenty of candles for extra ambiance.

3. Add function to function:

Who says a bathroom is just for primping on-the-go? Give your space extra function by incorporating a seating area for a few moments of quiet relaxation all to yourself.

4. Cushion the space with cozy textiles.

Soften the hard surfaces of a bathroom with comfortable cushions, towels and pillows. You’ll never want to leave!

5. Freshen with fruit.

Add a bowl full of oranges for a sweet citrus scent that calms your senses and packs a whole lot of color.

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