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5 Creative Ways to Decorate with Glass Jars
There is something timeless and beautiful about a simple glass jar. Their crisp style and utility make them a cottage staple for décor and storage alike. Mix up your cottage style by putting jars front and center.
Written by Sarah Jane O'Keefe
Photography by Mark Tanner

Outdoor entertaining: Avoid scrambling after napkins as they blow off of your patio table at your next outdoor get-together. Pile colorful napkins in a jar for practical (and pretty) purposes.

Seasonal switch-up: Looking for a simple way to bring the seasons into your décor? Fill a large glass jar with unique treasures. Combine sand and shells for the summer, small dried gourds for the fall, classic red and green bulbs for the holiday season and colorful floral hankies in the spring.

Restroom rescue: If your guest bath is suffering from boredom, fill a jar with decorative soaps. This adds color to simple countertops as well as a fun personal touch. Line up smaller jars with bathroom essentials such as cotton balls and cotton swabs.

Craft room craze: While buttons and bobbins have long found homes in jars, toss your ribbon rolls and scraps in as well. Not only will a jar of ribbons add a cheerful touch of color to the room, it will help you keep track of what colors you have.

Collectively fun: Add a whimsical touch to playrooms, office spaces, guest rooms and family rooms alike with collections featured in jars. Fill with your collection of marbles and shooters, your childhood jacks or for a more grown-up touch, wine corks or matchbooks from travels. Jars are simple yet versatile pieces that you can incorporate into your cottage in countless ways.

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