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5 Tips for Grouping a Perfect Plate Wall
Plate walls are a great way to show off a cherished collection or add classic charm to a room. Interior designer Emily LaMarque, owner of Los Angeles-based Emily LaMarque Design Studio, shares her top five tips on how to create a perfectly styled plate wall in your cottage home. 
Written by Margie Monin Dombrowski
Photography by Bret Gum

1. Pick your patterns. Choose four different patterns that are similar to each other in some way.

2. Vary their size. Mix it up with three to four different sizes.

3. Balance them out. Asymmetrical display works best, so lay them on the floor first, then take a picture.

4. Give them space. Between one and three inches usually does the trick.

5. Arrange them by starting with the center plate and working outward. Once you find a configuration you love, hang the plates and enjoy!


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