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Decorate Through Glass Cupboard Doors
Glass doors on kitchen cabinets bring instant character and turn any cabinet into a showcase for collectibles and pretty dishes alike—when done right. Follow these tips on how to decorate with your glass doors to create a stylish display rather than cluttered display. 
Written by Sarah Jane O'Keefe

Let color be your guide

The color scheme in your kitchen should be obvious from behind your glass doors. Here, splashes of red and turquoise pop against the white cabinetry. Stemware and everyday glasses sparkle and offer a break between the colorful accents.

Glass Cupboard Decor
Paint the back of your cabinet for a pop of color you can see through the glass. Don’t be afraid to put plants in covered places. Try using faux greenery or some succulents. Photo Cottages & Bungalows

Think before you shelve

Don’t just haphazardly start stacking dishes and coffee mugs onto the shelves. Think of this cabinet as a display piece, and use it as an opportunity to showcase collectible and vintage finds that don’t have a home on your counter.

Glass Cupboard
Curate your vintage pieces in your kitchen where everyone can see. Keeping them behind the glass keeps them visible without the possibility of them crashing to the ground. Use your cabinets as a testing place for patterns and new color palettes. Photo by Bret Gum

Combine display with function

Here, the cabinet does double duty as display and functional shelving. Items likely to be used more often, like drinking glasses, are on the bottom within easy reach. Score for functionality. On the difficult-to-reach top-shelf, vintage collectibles are displayed. Score for decor.

Each shelf in this cabinet has a splash of color that makes a fun and stylish statement. By using these tips behind your kitchen’s glass cabinets, you will achieve a fresh look sure to please everyone.

Organize your collections in a chic way that keeps your items safe. Display your patterned plates and stack your bowls to create some depth and texture. Photo by Bret Gum
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