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How to Pair Artwork
To hang your favorite piece of art on the wall is to make your mark on the room. However, with just one piece of art, it can be difficult to find a spot that's the right size, gets the right amount of light, complements the furniture and pleases your particular eye. Then, throw a few other pieces of art into the mix, and suddenly to find them a cohesive home is an even more daunting task. Here are a few tips to make pairing your artwork a breeze.
Written by Sarah Jane O'Keefe
Photography by Bret Gum  
Pair artwork to create a beautiful display like this in your own home.

Find a common tread. Maybe every piece is a shade of blue, maybe each canvas is the same size, or maybe all the frames are the same. Find a common thread that will create cohesion in your wall display. Here, portraits of ladies give this unique collection a common thread even though they are by different artists and feature different styles.

How you hang it says a lot. There are countless creative ways to hang and display a group of artwork. How you choose to hang your collection says a lot about the style of the room. A more eclectic grouping, as pictured above, highlights the sophistication of each piece while allowing for the whimsy of the pairings to stand out. For a more sleek appeal, hang pictures in two rows with an even midline.

Step back and admire. Walk into the room and pause. Does your artwork’s new home make you smile? If yes, put the hammer and nails away. If not, don’t start ripping them down just yet. Take a moment to consider what isn’t sitting right. If it feels too predictable or dull, add something unique into the mix. Here, a mirror adds an unexpected glimmer of light while continuously bringing a new face to the portrait wall.

How you pair your artwork should be a reflection of how it makes you feel. Do landscapes leave you inspired and adventurous? Pair maps and a favorite quote. Do scenes of olden days bring feelings of sophistication and culture? Pair pieces that depict various global locations. Pair your artwork so that the pieces you love are in a place where they can easily be admired.


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