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Make Custom Art with Paint Chips!
You’ve redecorated your room and pored through what seems like hundreds of paint colors in the process. What better way to make use of all the paint chips you’ve amassed than to make personalized wall art to finish your room? Okay, you can also make a few trips to the home improvement store to pick up a few more paint chips if you need—they’re free! 
Written by Jickie Torres

What you’ll need:

  • 30-40 paint chips in a variety of coordinating colors
  • double sided tape
  • frame
  • white cardstock
  • scissors  

How to do it:

1. Using your frame’s backing sheet as a guide, figure out the configuration you’d like to use for your art. If your frame doesn’t have a backing sheet, use the back board as a guide and cut or tape a few sheets of paper together in the same size. When arranging your chips, it helps to place vibrant shades next to muted ones of the same tone for a more pixilated effect.

2. Chip by chip, tape your pieces down to the sheet to hold them in place.

3. Fold a sheet of cardstock in half and trace half of a heart shape; cut out the shape then unfold. Use this cut piece as a guide to trace a new heart pattern onto an un-creased piece of cardstock. Cut this heart out and tape to the center of your paint chip sheet.

TIPNeed help finding just the right color arrangement? Visit any paint manufacturer’s website and use their color palette guides as a cheat sheet.

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