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5 Ways Easy Ways to Embellish Simple Gift Wrap
When it's all about presentation, take your present to the next level with these fun and fancy gift-wrap ideas.
Written and Photographed by Jickie Torres

You’ve spent all year dreaming about the holidays and shopping for the perfect presents for your beloved friends and family. Now wrap your presents to suit every style with these ideas, whether you’re going for a timeless vintage appeal or colorful and creative designs.
We love the simple and elegant look. You can start with the classic brown paper packages and use unfussy packing paper or butcher paper as your wrapping. You could also create the same elegant effect with simple solid colored paper with matching ribbon for a minimalist monochrome look.

Once you’ve selected your base and colors, it’s time for the fun part: materials! Bows and ribbons are a must-have for materials, but there’s always room for variety. And that’s where these ideas come in. Scroll through the gallery and let inspiration strike.

Give It A Read.

Pages from old vintage books embellish these simple packages with graceful literary style. Be creative with your paper scraps, and use small pieces to make shredded paper pom-poms or accordion-folded starbursts. (It takes three folded pages; glue the ends to each other to form a full star.) Or you can simply wrap a band around your box and top it with a ribbon — simple and elegant!

It’s In The Bag.

Who says gift bags have to be so plain? These bags are dressed up with ribbons worthy of a prize. Use wide ribbon and cut the tips for a special touch. (Cutting a v-shape out of the center creates what we call French tips in the ribbon world. It also gives the decor that prize-ribbon flair). Then layer in a few in complimentary colors, pattern and textures to add luxe style.

Natural Beauties.

Who needs a craft store when everything you need to create artfully elegant presents is right outside your door? From pine cones to eucalyptus leaves to feathers and holly leaves, use the season’s bounty to give your presents a chic look.

Give It A Good Washi.

The crafts world’s ever-present darling, washi tape, proves useful once again! Use colorful washi tape to give your gifts a modern spin on the classic gift ribbon by wrapping long lengths around the package the same way you would with traditional ribbon. Then use enough peices to fashion a bow shape in the center. Or, go with a simple graphic look by shaping your tape into initials, patterns or geometric shapes.

Linen And Lace.

Step it up to high style by adorning your packages with lush lace and fabric trim. We love to use millinery pieces and scraps from prior fabric projects. From linen flowers to fabric fringe, these bits and bobs go a long way to adding big style to small gifts.

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