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Celebrate Summer’s End
While many places are already experiencing the change of seasons, some locations are still faced with lingering summer weather. Before autumn fully takes over, celebrate summer's end with a little bit more time outdoors.
Written by Sarah Jane O'Keefe
Photography by Brett Gum

Set up your patio furniture the same as you would inside your home. By creating an outdoor living room, you and your guests will feel at home while enjoying the sun. A normal furniture arrangement will allow for conversation to flow easily and will make the space feel more comfortable.

Dark colors are great if you’re looking to do some outdoor entertaining all year round. This brown outdoor dining set is a perfect match for holiday décor and can be brightened up with a few vibrant pillows.

Succulents are the new hot trend and they’re great plants for those who don’t necessarily have a green thumb. Spice up your outdoor furniture with some patterned pillows.

Create the boho backyard of your dreams. Cover any table with some colorful tablecloths and throw some patterned pillows on your favorite flea market chairs. Adding some floor pillows for guests gives that extra boho flair. Boho style is all about throwing out the rule book and miss matching patterns.

Simplicity is important in an outdoor space. Metal furnishings are easy to clean, move around, and decorate. Add some cushions for comfort and elegance, or experiment with colors on the tabletop.

Pour yourself a glass of lemonade and get started on that book you’ve been meaning to read. Two chairs and a table is all you need to get started on your little outdoor oasis.

Enjoy the last days of summer in well-styled comfort.


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