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6 Steps to a Better Office
Take your home office from chaotic to controlled in under an hour.
Written by Anastassios Mentis
Photography by Bret Gum

  • Everyone needs a place where they can clear their mind and check off their to-do list. For creatives and hard workers, this space can often become very cluttered very fast. You keep telling yourself that you know where everything is and everything is in its place, but all spaces need a little tidying up sometimes. Even if your office isn’t in your home, these tips can help you create the best environment for getting your work done.

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  • 1. Clear off your desktop and wipe it clean.

    Vacuum or dust all over. Get your key components in place: An inbox for bills, assignments or reads yet to be completed; an outbox for items that need to get mailed or to-do lists that need to be taken; a file rack or drawer for record-keeping and a recycling bin/shredder. It might sound obvious but often paperwork gets lumped into one big pile that is not only unsightly, it’s inefficient. Keep these small; when papers overflow, you’ll be forced to clear them out.

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  • 2. Keep your supply-station simple.

    Don’t overload on pens, notepads, paper and envelopes. If you can keep these items in a drawer instead of the desktop you should. It will cut down on visual clutter and give you more room for the important stuff.

    3. Anything that does not fit into the previous categories should probably go.

    This means no books, toys, magazines or knickknacks that don’t belong. Get rid of outdated, broken or unneeded software, electronics and cords. Be diligent with this rule to keep your area free of disorder.

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  • 4. Stick to one neutral color palette for all your tools and components.

    This will keep everything visually calm.

    5. Get your power cords under control and bundle them neatly.

    It’s safer and looks tidier. Take an inventory of what can be converted into a wireless system and do so soon.

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  • 6. Sign up for e-bills, e-statements and online accounts.

    Consider scanning certain documents so you can keep them in virtual files to cut down on bulky paperwork storage at home.

    7. Take advantage of storage space.

    Use your shelves and your filing cabinets to de-clutter your work space. If you’re collaborating with your partner or just getting your ideas organized, it’s better to have everything else tucked away. Use your storage to hang up your designs or you sticky notes. It’s okay if you’re storage space is a little messy, as long as your work space is clean.

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