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How to Live With Your Collectibles
Surrounded by antiques at home and at work, shop owner Sue Jackson is an expert at making collections livable and beautiful. Here are a few of her philosophies on incorporating collectibles into your home design.
Written by Jickie Torres
Photography by Jaimee Itagaki


Vintage Collection of Ladies Bags
A vintage collection of ladies’ rubber swim caps hang in the guest bath below a vintage suntan sales sign.

Don’t be afraid to use your collections. My 2-year-old granddaughter plays with some of my old kitchen tins. I have an old railroad train bench I inherited from my grandmother, and we sit and stand on it every day. Don’t forget that they are all tough stuff that has survived this far with everyday use—they are built to last.

Kitchen Collection


Tailor your displays for the needs of your collectible. I have a collection of vintage paper mache Halloween decorations kept in a glass cabinet. I had the room to fit it, and they are protected there.

halloween crafts
Sue’s collection of antique paper mache Halloween crafts is protected in an antique curio.

Determine what your lifestyle is, and choose items that make sense with how you live. Rethink investing in a delicate collectible if your household would be likely to destroy it.

delicate collectible

Make them meaningful, and keep them where you can see them. I wanted a piece of my house to remind me of my shop, Country Roads. I was trying to do something a little bit like that with my yellowware by displaying it in open shelving.


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