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Quick Tips for a Green Home
Greening your home or renovation is as simple and making the right choices for your materials and DIY projects. Here are a few suggestions.
Written by Natalie Pao

  • When doing your own reconstruction use local stones and natural materials. Always take into account that the transportation of materials affects the environment.
  • During construction, where possible use windfall trees – trees that have been uprooted or broken off by the wind. By using naturally fallen trees, you avoid further disruption to the environment. Local mills are good sources for these materials.
  • Take advantage of your existing facilities, products and equipment. Recondition your old furniture whenever possible. It’ll maintain the nostalgic feel of our home as well as save natural resources.
  • Add low-flush toilets to your home. Their bowls hold less and therefore uses less water. This change will not only be good for the planet but good for your wallet too.
  • Consider countertops made from reclaimed or recycled materials.
natural materials like stone
Use natural materials like stone, whenever possible. Photo by Mark Tanner.
  • A ground source heat pump can be a great addition but keep in mind; it has a longer pay-off period.
  • When repainting your home, use low or no volatile organic compound (VOC) paint. These paints are organic and non-toxic.
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