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Reinvent Your Cottage Potting Shed
It’s a quintessential icon of a cottage garden, the first stop your plants make to get pruned and prepped.
Written by Jickie Torres
Photography by Mark Tanner

The potting shed—or, in many instances, the potting table—is the epicenter of your garden. It comes in all shapes and sizes, but what remains the same is the charm and romance the shabby shed brings to your outdoor space. Here are ways to enhance—and even reinvent—yours:

Cottage Potting Shed

  • Give your shed or table a facelift with a set of matching bins to hold soil, fertilizer and small garden tools.
  • Upgrade your planting surface by cutting a hole in the top to fit a large tub. Use it for catching water runoff—the extra water will go into the plants.
  • Paint your table a bright hue for a quick change. It’s a fun way to add color to your garden.
  • Embellish your garden with architectural salvage. Mounting iron grates or fencing to the back of your table or by the doors of a shed gives it an antique allure, and the grates can be used to hang tools and gloves.
  • Use your potting table as an entertaining space for outdoor gatherings. After a quick cleaning, you can use the top to serve drinks and snacks, or hang garland over the back to spruce it up and use it as a dessert table.
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