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A Week of Wreaths: Day 2 – The Ring of Fabric
Colorful ribbons offer a preppy take on holiday decor and are sure to brighten up any doorway.
Written by Malena Jaime
Photography by Brett Gum
Styled by Jacqueline deMontravel and Amanda Heer

The best thing about fabric wreaths is that you can choose the prints that suit your style, making them versatile for any theme or space. Try hanging over a mirror, on a closet door, or even on the fridge!

To Re-create:

  • Visit your local crafts store for ribbons in varying prints and patterns. Insert unorthodox colors to break up the usual red and green.
  • Pick up a standard Styrofoam wreath base.
  • Fold a ribbon into a row and pin to the base.
  • Follow the previous row and pin a new row of ribbon so that it’s lying against the first row.
  • Continue adding rows of ribbon, making sure that the ends of each row are exposed.
  • For an extra clean look, pre-fold the ribbons and go over quickly with an iron before pinning.
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