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Freshen Up for a Totally Chic Powder Room
If updating your home is one of your New Year's resolutions, put your bathroom at the top of the to-do list. This room gets all the work and not nearly enough love, making this the perfect opportunity for a fresh-faced powder room. Get the chic look of this bathroom and make your morning routine a bit brighter with an infusion of undeniable style. 
Written by Sarah Jane O'Keefe
Photography by Bret Gum
There is nothing wrong with clean and simple. White walls and tile are great for opening up a small space and give you room to change your bathroom up with color later on. Make your room a little more elegant with a hanging chandelier or a glass light fixture. Photo by Bret Gum

Crisp Colors – Your bathroom doesn’t have to be all white to give off the feeling of cleanliness. Instead of getting ready inside of a milk carton, add a soft, crisp hue to the walls. This powder blue is the perfect color for a chic bathroom as it keeps the space bright and fresh. An unexpected factor to keep mind when choosing a color for your bathroom walls is your skin — your morning makeup routine may become more complicated if orange walls are casting a new shade on your face.

Put some character into your powder room with an antique vanity. Balance it out with modern fixtures and patterned wallpaper. Photo by Bret Gum

Clean Lines – Bathrooms already have enough to keep clean, so why add to the chore? Simple cabinets, solid countertops and sunken sinks help make clean-up as easy as wiping down. If you’re worried these clean lines will encroach on your style, have no fear. Add stylish knobs and pulls to the cabinetry. These clear glass knobs give the bathroom a touch of vintage flair and a little bit of added sparkle.

Channel your inner 5-star hotel and invest in high-quality furniture. If you’re looking to make some room, try some floating cabinets and keep your mirror simple. Photo by Bret Gum

Clear Counters – Show off that solid countertop by eliminating unnecessary decor. In the bathroom, style can be infused through simpler details to ensure the space feels clean and fresh. Here are some chic ways to make a statement without crowding the counter:  

  • Organize cotton swabs and makeup sponges in clear glass jars.
  • Swap plastic soap dispensers for stylish reusable versions in ceramic or glass.
  • Use hand towels to incorporate color and keep a drawer full to swap out daily.
  • Bottles of perfume and cologne will give a classy vibe when grouped together on a mirrored tray.
If you’re working with only a little counter space, it is important to stay organized. Putting everyday items in jars or placing them behind the mirror will keep your bathroom open and easier to clean. Photo by Bret Gum

Bonus: DIY Framed Mirror Like the look of this beautifully framed mirror? Take on a DIY project and bring the look to your bathroom.

  1. Head to your local hardware store or lumber yard with your mirror measurements in hand and select a trim that suits your style. If you are without a circular saw, ask an associate about cutting your trim in the store. Many home improvement stores and lumber yards will cut the wood for you at a small cost.
  2. Paint your trim. Give it a glossy white or add a fun accent color.
  3. Attach your trim with Liquid Nails for mirrors. Ensure your corners are flush and no mirror is peaking out from the side of the trim.
  4. Hang your mirror securely, using anchored screws into a stud. The added weight of the trim, depending on your selection, may require additional hanging hardware.
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