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Shops + Makers: Angela Moulton
Original art doesn't have to cost a fortune. A Chicago-based artist makes her unique, kaleidoscopic style accessible to everyone.

Picasso had his blue period, and Monet had his equally moody tones, giving his Impressionist artworks a distinctive ambiance. It’s no secret that color—and more specifically paint—can greatly impact the mood and tone of your home.

Painter Angela Moulton shares what we feel when observing the beauty in nature, beloved objects and simple, peaceful scenes. With the goal of adding more color to our world, she captures movement in her subjects with subtleties of shading, drenched hues and unfettered brushwork.

Her petite Pratt Creek Art paintings feature birds, flowers in bloom, and the many farm animals and scenes around her rural home and the local, eponymous creek.

A Happy History

Painting on wood panels or canvas in oils, acrylics and watercolors, the artist is largely self-taught and has been at work with her brushes every day for almost 10 years. Her inimitable style centers around joyful colors— each small canvas is a kaleidoscopic gem and, when well placed in a room, is enough to infuse a space with cheerful energy.

Each piece shares her bold grasp of what she sees, with a vivid clarity of shape and pigment.

Truly bold and oh so colorful, her brightly appointed paintings are decidedly happy, and they convey volumes in their gentle nuance of colors and simple lines.

Paint it Yourself

Angela believes everyone can paint. She teaches at the Elmhurst Art Museum just outside Chicago. There she offers the classes “Basics of Oil Painting Through Intermediate Techniques” and “Comprehensive Painting” for kids ages 10–14, where they explore oils, acrylics and watercolors. To reach a wider audience, she is actively compiling online courses and tutorials accessible via her website. She offers demos for those who seek to begin their journey as an artist.

Become an Artist at Home

Visit Angela Moulton’s website for more information on the painter and her tips on:

  • Developing a comprehensive palette from 10 hues
  • Preparing to paint using gesso
  • Exploring a variety of painting surfaces

Angela also believes that original art should be affordable to all. So prices start at just $50 for her original oil paintings such as those shown here. To see more of her creations and to purchase Pratt Creek Art paintings, visit her exclusive online gallery retailer,

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