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Shops + Makers: MINNA Textiles
Artist Sara Berks combines traditional methods with modern designs to create textiles that will add layers of meaning to your décor.
Written by Maria Baruxis
Photography by George Underwood
Styling by Katie James

We all have our own visions for our “Dream Home,” ranging from Art Deco to Zen to beach cottage and everything in between. Whatever your décor ideals, every home benefits from the addition of items both handcrafted and lovingly sourced. Sara Berks, the artist and designer behind MINNA, a home textile brand, exceeds these criteria with woven works that evoke beauty, functionality and nostalgia in every fiber. Sara’s advent into the world of textiles was what she calls a “happy accident,” which soon evolved into a passion for all things woven. She founded MINNA as way to get back to the roots of craftsmanship while creating textile wares for the contemporary home. Her designs are collaborative, and she works with artisan collectives in Mexico and Guatemala to produce all natural rugs, blankets, pillows and art objects straight from the loom.

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Driven by fresh, bold color, Sara bases her creations on modern compositions that also call to mind earthy elements. “I try to design with the techniques of each weaver in mind,” she says. “Every culture has a different way of weaving, and this can even differ greatly from village to village. I try to keep my designs true to my aesthetic but also true to the ageold techniques.” Sara’s artistic mission connects personal aesthetic values to the vibrant heritage of craftsmanship and ancestry. By choosing handwoven, carved or sculpted items over mass-produced, machine-made décor, you’ll add layers of authenticity to your interior and have a renewed appreciation for the furnishings that make your house into your dream home.

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