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4 Ways to Get That Farmhouse-Cottage Look
Some essential ingredients for farm-cottage character.
Written by Jickie Torres

There’s more to the classic American farmhouse than shiplap and shutters. Creating the perfect farmhouse is about a balance of details that give the exterior a fresh and welcoming look. 

Photo by Bret Gum.
Red, white, and blue make for great American farmhouse colors. Whether you use them as accent colors or as the color of the whole exterior, they completely transform the style of the home.

1. Use an edited color palette. 

It doesn’t get any more timeless than white shiplap for a farm-cottage vibe, but don’t be afraid to experiment with more vibrant colors. Denim blue or firehouse red punctuate the architecture, while leaving the look perfectly simple.

Photo by Bret Gum.
The green door makes the front of the home much more inviting and adds a bit of modern flair to a classic white farmhouse.

2. Draw your eye to all the right places. 

A pair of trellis flower boxes leads your guests from the porch steps right to the welcoming and colorful front door. Windows and glass doors are also a more modern touch that keeps the façade looking light and airy.

Photo by Chuck Baker. Styled by Jacqueline Demontravel.
The farmhouse is all about the porch. You can turn almost any basic home into a farmhouse with a front porch.

3. Preen your porch. 

American flag pillows deck out the porch with seasonal fun. Yet the furnishings and accent pieces outfit the porch with year-round coziness and warmth. A good farmhouse porch is always comfy, inviting and full of seating.

Photo by Bret Gum.
Don’t be afraid to blend elements to get the right amount of farmhouse and personal style. Add a small front porch for that cottage vibe and mix it with some stone on the foundation for a coastal feel.

4. Add handcrafted elements. 

From a picket flag to woven lanterns and stars that add a festive touch, the exterior shows that this homeowner appreciates artisan touches. Add a curated and well-edited selection of decorative arts to give your porch that final homey touch.