Garden Inspiration Series: Plant Picks


If you’re like us, spring can’t make it’s grand appearance soon enough. While we anxiously await the arrival, we are getting a head start on dreaming up springtime gardens and festivities. Join our series on garden inspiration and find tips on planting, style, outdoor furniture and more.


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Here is our guide on the best plants to include in your traditional outdoor escape. 




Feature all the right flowers in your garden so as to create the perfect European escape.



As you create your formal European-style garden, it is important to pick the right greenery. From shrubs to fruit, each plant has a specific role to play in your yard. Give them the attention and placement they deserve by plotting out your yard according to out handy plant picking guide.


Flowering bushes with fragrance, like lilac and forsythia to add color and texture to your outdoor design.
Evergreen hedges like dwarf myrtles, boxwood and juniper.
Fruit trees such as lime or lemon. Fig trees, and olive trees or other nut trees that are suitable for your zone are also a great match.
Climbers such as ivy, wisteria or grapes to bring color up to your garden walls.
Large-leafed varieties for drama such as hostas and hydreangeas. They particularly attractive in small pocket beds created by your trimmed evergreen hedges.


Fruit tree

Fruit trees are a great addition to any garden, but they have a special home in the formal European style.


By Lauren Vikander & Jickie Torres

Photography by Mark Tanner


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