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9 Nifty Jar Crafts
Get a little crafty and jump-start your New Year's resolutions of better organization and more DIY projects by taking on these nine nifty jar projects.  
Written and photographed by Jickie Torres
A collection of jars can be repurposed to become countless useful and decorative items. These terrariums are proof of the versatility of a simple glass jar.

Here are a few ideas:

1. Use them for flower arrangements or bud vases. It’s a great alternative to store-bought vases for large parties and outdoor gatherings. Cluster them on a table top for a more grandiose effect or arrange them down a long farm table for a simple yet elegant look.

2. Place tea lights in them and scatter them on tabletops for a glittery lighting scheme.

3. Transform larger jars into hanging lanterns. Wrap thin gauge wire around the lip a few times and over top as a handle.

4. Make a terrarium with an oversized jar. Just layer, gravel, sand and soil at the bottom and plant ferns or succulents for a chic trendy look.

5. Reuse them as creative photo frames. Place a photo inside and press towards the glass for better visibility.

6. Turn them into hurricanes and luminaries. Fill them with shells, pebbles or other small items then place a pillar candle on top. Line them along walkways to illuminate a path.

7. Reinvent them in the bathroom as vintage-inspired Q-tip and cotton ball caddies.

8. Gather a collection to use as containers for craft supplies or kids toys in a craft or playroom.

9. Nail the lids to the underside of garage, kitchen or laundry room cabinets to create screw-on containers for small supplies and odds and ends that keep clutter off the countertops. 

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