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Bright & Beachy Materials for Your Next Room Makeover
These paint, tile and wallpaper picks will transform your cottage just in time for the summer.
In our latest issue of Cottages & Bungalows, we bring you lively, graceful and period-correct design inspiration. From practical kitchen ideas to a DIY fern tutorial, we want your cottage to be prepped and ready for summertime entertaining. Click here to get your copy. In one of our house tours, we explore a colorful and charismatic... Keep Scrolling
Written by Jessie Yount

In our latest issue of Cottages & Bungalows, we bring you lively, graceful and period-correct design inspiration. From practical kitchen ideas to a DIY fern tutorial, we want your cottage to be prepped and ready for summertime entertaining. Click here to get your copy. In one of our house tours, we explore a colorful and charismatic cottage by the coast. One of the elements that makes this cottage so unique is the balance that it achieves. Blending a bright teal and green exterior with a traditional white and blue palette inside, the homeowner used dramatic patterns to unify her cottage. If you’re considering a remodel or renovation, use these bright and beachy materials–paint, tile and wallpaper–to infuse your home with timeless elegance.

Paint: A Twist on the Classics

The traditionally light color palette of a beach cottage is tried and true. Warm and soft hues of blues and creams bring feelings of serenity and peace to the forefront, instilling the home with a sense of comfort. Accommodate this comforting feeling with lively cheer; paint your mantel in peach or a distressed dresser in teal to add a pop of vibrant color. These bright shades make a statement against a pastel backdrop, but subtlety is key. For a bolder move, paint your exterior in two bright shades that play well together, like blue and green, to create an inviting entrance to your cottage. If you like the idea of using bright paint colors in your home, browse our selection below for inspiration.

Bali Hai Teal Paint Color
Bali Hai Teal is playful and eccentric. Use it on your porch or in your family room to create a warm and welcoming vibe in entertaining spaces.
Spring Green Paint Color
Do you like the idea of a garden theme? Use Spring Green on your exterior, which pairs well with pink and orange fabrics and natural furnishings.
True Turquoise Paint Color
True Turquoise is reminiscent of blue skies, and adds a touch of tranquility and calm to a bright color palette. Offset it with a touch of yellow for even sunnier results!
Light Coral Sunset Paint Color
Add a feminine touch to your home with Light Coral Sunset; it’s the perfect color to transition from Spring to Summer.
Peach Medley Paint Color
Ground your private living spaces with soft cream-colored fabrics and paint your walls in Peach Medley to add a pop of romantic color.

Tile: Retro Modern

Tile is a classic choice for the cottage style that can enhance a color palette with visual interest. Available in a range of patterns and colors, tile offers versatile options in terms of pricing, durability, design and tone. Ceramic tile cracks easily and is not to be used outdoors, but tougher materials like concrete are available. Using pattern tile adds subtle interest to your home without overwhelming a color scheme. Pair multiple tiles together, like a lattice-pattern floor tile with a glossy blue backsplash to create an oceanic theme in the bathroom. Blending patterns is an option too, as many tile patterns come in collections. Whether you’re planning to update your outdoor or indoor entertaining spaces, take a look at our favorite choices below to get started.

Twenties Vintage Ceramic Tile
In a room with darker shades of color, use the Twenties Vintage ceramic tile to introduce an antiquated appeal. The charcoal and white floral pattern is a classic choice for a kitchen or bathroom.
Moroccan-Inspired Atlas Cement Tile
The Moroccan-inspired Atlas cement tile beckons to the past, supplying the home with European flair. Use the white and pale green cement tile in your bathroom to connect your indoor and outdoor spaces.
Empress Ocean Cement Tile
The Empress Ocean cement tile is the epitome of a coastal-inspired palette. Every tile offers natural variations or chips, while its soft shades of blue and old-world floral pattern creates a whimsical appeal.
Artea Porcelain Tile
The Artea porcelain tile is a suitable choice for an outdoor kitchen. Its porcelain material makes it highly durable, while its warm black and white pattern offers moody and dramatic interest.
Ikat Tribal Ceramic Tile
The Ikat Tribal ceramic tile is seriously modern. Its geometric pattern lends a retro quality to the tile and it plays well with many themes, from bohemian chic to high-end and modern.

Wallpaper: Subtle or Statement

Remember those softer hues of blues and creams that we mentioned earlier? They are truly timeless choices, and we haven’t forgotten them yet! They call to the coast, creating a bright and airy atmosphere with tonal queues. But plain monochromatic walls don’t make a statement. Instead, use patterns within this blue and white color palette to enhance your home with spirited charm and vertical movement. Transform a room with white walls by using striped wallpaper on one wall, or use a floral pattern wallpaper to characterize a plain white bench or colorful kids’ dresser. Scroll below to check out our trendy picks.

Calico Stripe Wallpaper
This easy-to-use and removable Calico Stripe wallpaper offers a soft duck egg fabric texture. Its white and teal colors lend itself to many themes and styles, both soothing and warm in tone.
Tropic Wallpaper
If you like the idea of blending the outside and in, use this wild palm tree print wallpaper. Remember: balance is key, so use Tropic wallpaper on one or two walls, pair with neutral shades, natural furnishings and softly colored fabrics.
Horizon Wallpaper
Capture the spirit of the deep blue sea with Horizon wallpaper. Its faded gradient texture adds visual depth and a unique quality to any setting.
Coastal Striped Wallpaper
Add horizontal interest to your cottage with this tri-tone and matte finish Coastal Striped wallpaper. Stripes play well with multiple patterns, so don’t be afraid to mix and mingle with geometric, floral or lattice patterns!
Olive Branch Wallpaper
Olive Branch wallpaper is peaceful and perfect for the summertime. Its leafy green pattern offers earthy appeal, but it is also offered in neutral and black shades. Tip: to complete this look, use beachy decor pieces and rattan or wicker furnishings.

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