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Do It Yourself Outdoor: Grow Your Own Salad
Whether you live in a multi-acre cottage or rent a studio apartment, you can grow your own salad container garden.
Written by Victoria Van Vlear
Photography by Mark Mendez

What You Need:

  • Planting container with drainage holes
  • Planting soil
  • Variety of greens, including kale, chard, lettuce and bok choy

How to Do It:

1. Most of the greens you’ll use need plenty of sun, so you’ll first want to make sure you have a sunny spot for the garden. If you’re looking to keep your container indoors, set it by the door or a sunny window so it gets enough light. Keep in mind that many leafy greens are cool-weather vegetables, so don’t let the container sit in the full sun during a hot summer.

2. Fill the planting container half way with potting soil.

3. Fit the plants into the container. If you want to pack them in to make the most of the space, your container needs to be deeper so the roots have room to grow. If your container is more shallow, you’ll need to space out the plants.

4. Fill in the gaps with more potting soil. The root ball of each plant should be completely covered with new soil.

5. Water diligently. Vegetables and leafy greens need moist soil, so don’t let it dry out completely between watering.

6. Harvest your leafy greens for salads, dressings and garnishes throughout the growing season. Choose healthy, fresh-looking leaves. Be careful not to harvest too often, though, or you may kill the plant. Instead, take only a few leaves at a time.

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